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Light Clarity Lifestyle Plan – Your Fat Burning & Metabolism Optimizer

The Light & Lean Clarity plan is for those who desire a lean body, healthy activity…


The Spiritual Serenity Lifestyle Plan – Your Blueprint for Serenity & Spiritual Health

The Spiritual Serenity plan is for anyone in our community that seeks to eliminate health …


The Heart Healthy Lifestyle Plan – The Key to Optimal Heart Function & Performance

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in men and women. This essential plan …


The Natural Lifestyle Plan – For Balance and a Wholesome Lifestyle

The Natural plan is for our members who desire a heightened state of well being and …


The Infinite Energy & Fitness Lifestyle Plan – For Optimal Energy, Stamina & Weight Control

The Infinite Energy & Fitness plan is for our members who want to feel the energy, vigor …


The Entrepreneurial & Leadership Wellness Lifestyle Plan – Your Professional Care & Health Optimization Wellness Plan

The Entrepreneurial & Leadership Lifestyle Plan is for progressive businesses and …