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The modern Health & Holistic Lifestyle is a mindset as well as a form of healing which involves the ‘whole person.’ Our new age of enlightenment has created an inner-awareness that we are; body, mind, spirit, beliefs and emotions. And as we begin to understand our internal SA-ECO-System (Self Awarness, Emotional Quotient, Cardio Health, Optimism) in the quest for optimal health and wellness, we prevent poor health naturally. The holistic medicine philosophy is one that prioritizes a preventative approach to achieve optimal health. As H&H practitioners begin to create this “lifestyle” the begin to achieve the results that holistic medicine practice offer, and gain optimal clarity and balance in life.

The modern Holistic Practitioners (HP’s) believe we’re “whole” and are made of connected network of physical and spiritual matter, and if all are not in alignment and in balance, every element within the framework of the SA-ECO-System is impacted, whether positively or negatively. That being the case, when we as humans experience imbalance (spirit, physical body or emotion) it will impact our overall health.

So as the practice of balanced lifestyle through holistic practices for optimal health continue to grow and expand the horizons of our understanding of health, holistic doctors have begun to use many forms of holistic health care; http://ahha.org/rosen.htm , which include conventional medicine, new alternative therapies, as well as spiritual and neuro methods to provide care for patients. The new “check up” in fact is more akin to a “diagnostic analysis” that would look not only for “where it hurts” but what and where the contributing factors or origin of the misalignment may have begun.

Inner Beauty & Wellness

Inner Beauty & Wellness

In the future, a visit to a the new “holistic practitioner”, will result in the patient leaving with a ‘prescript’, or recipe, for specific diet, nutrients, physical activity remedies, natural plant and herb supplements as well as spiritual remedy practices. This will be the result of the HP analyzing contributors to health imbalances such as diet, sleep habits, beliefs, environment, stress, personal matters, and spiritual practices. The treatment may ultimately still involve pharmaceuticals to address “symptoms”, but will focus heavily on lifestyle and balance of the SA-ECO and natural modifications to the patients environment to help prevent future occurrences.

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