Uncovering the Extraordinary Secrets of the Herbal Supplement Tong Kat Ali


Origin of Tongkat Ali


Called by some “The Miracle Plant” Eurycoma longifolia or as it is more often called, Tongkat Ali and Malaysian ginseng among other names and it is a natural herbal supplement that is extracted from small an Asian tree or flowering plant and the Australian tree referred to as Long Jack. Tongkat Ali is recognized as a “Natural Treasure” in Asia and has been used for centuries. It is actually the root of the plant that is highly prized for its higher concentration of the active ingredients.




The Tongkat Ali root is harvested and sold in most of Asia but generally the Tongkat Ali harvested in Thailand is thought to be of the best quality. The Malaysian herbal supplement and the root it is extracted from, studies have shown that there is mercury contamination in about a third of the harvested Tongkat Ali extract. The optimum dosage research shows the supplement works most efficiently at a 1:200 ratio. There are a lot of sub-standard imposter herbal supplements available so I have provided the video below to help ensure you can recognize and find the correct natural herbal supplement and enjoy its benefits. Some people find a dosage of 1:100 a better fit for them. The best way to enjoy and benefit from this natural holistic health supplement is to try either 1:200 or the 1:100 ratios dosage and see at which dosage you get the most benefit. My personal recommendation is that for me I like the 1:200 ratio the best. To learn more about the varieties and ratios.




So why is it called a “Miracle Plant”? As herbal supplements Tongkat Ali cures and treats some of the most challenging maladies in our society, such as weight loss, depression, erectile dysfunction, sexual performance improvement, anxiety, chronic stress, testosterone deficiency and more. It is proven to enhance muscle tone, provide a general feeling of wellbeing, improve results from exercise and even improve memory and recall. This also improves the overall state of cellular aging, which is based upon research of a chromosome called the telomere.


Is Tongkat Ali a Miracle Herbal Supplement?

Having been used in Asia for hundreds of years humans have a long history of results with Tongkat Ali. It is a very popular herbal dietary supplement for people who seek to like a healthy and holistic lifestyle. Tongkat Ali is used as a diuretic. It burns fat and also builds muscle tone. As men age they begin to lose testosterone in their 40s. Tongkat Ali replaces Testosterone and keeps it at youthful levels when taken in the proper dosage. See the amazing results our customer’s enjoy! We sincerely hope this information has been helpful for you. Please return to our website often, as we will continue to share ways to live a healthy and holistic lifestyle! Thank you for visiting, return soon!


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