What Are The Best Supplements for Baby Boomers

The Best Supplements for Baby Boomers

The Best Supplements for Baby Boomers

The Best Supplements for Baby Boomers[/caption]

What Are The Best Supplements for Baby Boomers

The “Boomers” as we’re called…those currently of the ages of 45 to 64, and we’re the generation pursuing the fountain of youth. We’re living longer and we boldly chant the new mantra that “60 is today’s 40”, and we want to live a life of health and wellness that exceeds that of our parents and theirs before them.

We’re 75 million strong and three-million of are reaching the age of retirement now, so what’s next? The truth is that baby boomers are seeking out the tools and technologies that will carry us into the 21st century and support the achievement of many more of us reaching centenarian status!

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Though tech savvy as we are, the question is, are we ready to change the beliefs and existing model of healthcare with all of the technological advances required to meet our demand for smart, savvy and easy solutions, to cope with the reality and challenges our aging generation? How will we ensure that our generation will not only live a lucid, mobile, rich and robust life as we move into our 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, but also not become a burden on our family, our nation and our world?

Our boomer brothers and sisters have embraced new technologies to be sure. According to a recent study by the esteemed Pew Internet Research, more than eighty-percent of us use the world wide web, and more than forty five percent of us use a smart devices (phones, tablets…) and are comfortable in using apps, music downloads and the like. Additionally, more than 84% of boomers use our web access to research health related information as well as knowledge and answers regarding our healthcare plans and options. As we age and are confronted by personal health concerns, including treatment of chronic disease, new technology will likely continue to be one-step behind accelerate faster than we can imagine to keep the pace required. The world is changing in more ways than we can imagine, and how boomers will really alter the course of our world has yet to be seen.

East Meets West Holistic Medicine

East Meets West Holistic Medicine

So, what are our options and direction to maintain and improve our standard in health and wellness in the decades ahead? In this article, we’ll focus on natural supplements and the micronutrient market, which will surpass the $21 BILLION mark in sales by 2016! So what are the best, and most effective herbal supplements and nutritional hacks for the boomer generation and beyond? There are more opinions and strategies than you can imagine, which tells us one thing, we don’t really know! So we researched the uncommon path and spoke with those not in the mainstream of manufactured supplements to see what the uncommon path has to offer. We also researched the most respected in the business to see if we might find commonalities among the experts, and here’s what we found:

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Wholesome and Herbal Supplements Dominate the Market

For starters, there is no argument in terms of which is most preferred and most wholesome for the body. Natural herbal supplements trump synthetic supplements every day of the week! While the FDA and drug companies develop unnatural products that are safe by FDA standards, which many don’t understand, today’s demand and consumers prefer natural and holistic supplements to nourish their body 10 to 1 over those who seek out synthetic substitutes.

Herbal supplements have a history and track record of being effective and safe, many as old as tens of thousands of years. Supplements have become an essential element of our diet due to our fast paced and scarce time. Natural supplements provide us the benefits of their organic compounds to compliment fresh wholesome foods and liquid nutrients.

That said, the number of supplements available can be overwhelming. That’s why you should know your body type and your nutritional needs in order to limit your list of needs to a manageable one that ideally suited for you. With that in mind, the following is a list of the most powerful herbal supplements on the planet today, which are soon to be in the mainstream of the baby boomers list of must have’s!

Super Food Berries

Holistic Natural Foods for Every Lifestyle

We’ll begin with the emerging Goji fruit, which is derived from Lycium barbarum, a revered plant native to Asia for youth promotion, autoimmune support, anti-aging, and mood altering properties. Goji is regarded as one of the most elite herbal elements on the planet and modern science has proven it to be one of the most potent anti-oxidants known in existence. Goji LBP-40 contains 40% Lycium Barbarum Polysaccharides in standard formula, which is the active ingredient in Goji which offers profound anti-fatigue and aging benefits as well as the immune support mentioned.

Next is the the legendary Duanwood Reishi, a mushroom compound that’s unrivaled among it’s peers. Scripture of antiquity handed down, detail the highly prized value of this rare fungus, with terms such as “mushroom of immortality,” “mushroom of wisdom” and “mushroom of prosperity ” to name a few. Valued for its powerful and verile medicinal benefits, this natural occurring fungus was revered those seeking the promotion of intelligence, perspective, and emotional balance and focus. Modern research supports the claims of the immense benefits in supporting the immune system, while enhancing functions of the lung, heart and liver and general internal organ health.

Have you heard of Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract? For a more than a decade, the stimulant ephedra was all the rage for weight loss, until it was banned by the FDA. Coleus forskohlii root extract doesn’t act as a nervous system stimulant, and it’s doesn’t trick the body into thinking it’s full, like many other supplements do. Forskohlii’s active ingredient, forskolin, increases the body’s supply of lipase, which is an enzyme that burns stored fat. In fact, reports of those who have taken 250 milligrams of Coleus Forskohlii for a 12-week test period experienced a body-fat percentage reduction of four points on average.

Fat Burning & High AntiOxidant Green Tea & Matcha

Fat Burning & High AntiOxidant Green Tea & Matcha

Green Tea is the most mainstream on our list, but it’s still a surprise how many are still unfamiliar with this powerhouse of the herbal world. Research suggests certain antioxidants found in green tea, such as anine for example has a positive effect on weight loss, by virtue of raising base metabolic rates. Additionally, the caffeine in green tea also suppresses appetite while acting as an antioxidant. So not only is tea a beverage that delivers, it’s a prime ally in the war of the waist.

White Bean Extract is uncommon and in fact unknown to most. White kidney beans naturally produce a substance called alpha-amylase inhibitors, which send carbs through the fast lane so they’re blocked from your small intestine and can’t therefore be storeds in your bloodstream. Its active ingredient is phaseolus vulgaris, which is sold in supplement form at specialty supplement markets, but you won’t find this power pack in most retail locations. Though marketed as a starch blocker, this is anything but the appropriate description. While not an appetite suppressor either, champions of this herbal ingredient say it prevents carbohydrates from breaking down into sugar.

Salba is a natural supplement that the ancient Aztecs discovered and this ultimate grain has been in demand ever since by those in the know! Also known as Salba Chia, this monster of the nutrient world has more Omega 3 than salmon, more fiber than flax seed and is packed with iron, calcium and magnesium! With this abundance of omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, calcium, folate and magnesium, this naturally occurring nutrient packs a powerful punch. Sold both in supplement and grain form, its proven benefits include the maintaining balance of cholesterol and blood pressure levels. The calcium content promotes strong bones, high fiber content and supports digestive irregularities.

Huperzia Serrata is the go to for those aging and facing the possibility of Alzheimers, especially for those who have this history within their family. There are few more debilitating and devastating diseases than Alzheimer’s today. It’s not surprising, then, that so many want are fearful of this maladay and wish to do everything in their power to prevent its onset. The most effective natural supplement in this fight against Alzheimer’s is the prized Huperzia Serrata. Huperzine A is the active ingredient, and plays an essential role in producing enzymes in the body that increase the central nervous system chemical, acetylcholine. Patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s are often found to be severely lacking acetylcholine in their system.

Silybum Marianum is an essential supplement for those who are consistently exposed to toxins. Those who drink alcohol, consume aspirin, or are exposed to cigarette smoke find this supplement (A.K.A. milk-thistle extract) helpful top maintain optimal health. With the active ingredient silybin, it works by modifying liver cells to form a protective barrier against invading toxins.

So the boomers continue to research, test, opine and opinionate regarding this question that sets the stage for the century ahead. What are the best, and most effective herbal supplements and nutritional hacks for the boomer generation and beyond? The answer is that there is no clear answer…”to each his own” as they say. Just as there is no single solution in maintaining optimal health, but a handful of wise choices are surfacing for those seeking the edge to offset father time! Just as making good decisions regarding diet, rest, and emotional wellness are key to the holistic approach to optimal health, supplements will provide your body with the natural healing and wellness support it needs.

According to a current research by Herbal News Magazine, baby boomers born between 1948 and 1953 assessed their general health more poorly than their elderlies, based upon a similar study performed in 1992. Perhaps this took place because the Baby Boom generation was generally less physically active than their elders had been, both in the house and at work. Less exercising and poor eating habits have actually brought about lots of cases of diabetes, weight problems, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure amongst baby boomers in retirement. So the great news is that it’s not too late for boomers to become a pro-active participant in their own physical welfare.

Natural herbs have been with us since the beginning of our time on the planet. Those who do a bit of research in fact discover that healing supplements are found in everyday cooking spices and the fresh herbs we use to prepare meals. These same herbs are used to create the many natural herbal supplements that we ingest. Baby boomers are now beginning to understand the powefgul healing power of the holistic approach to health, and using spices, herbs and natural remedies rather than prescription medicine and over-the-counter drugs.

Ultimate Spice Supplements

Wholesome Organic Spice Supplements Today

Today’s not so mainstream of quality supplements for enhanced health and anti aging today consist of dill, oregano, wheat germ, Echinacea root, fenugreek, arginine, alfalfa, witch hazel, cinnamon, cardamom, peppermint, ginger, thyme, ginseng, rosemary, black pepper, cat’s claw, and many others. Ginger, for example, is an antioxidant that cleanses the colon, promotes circulation, and reduces cramps. It also supports the reduction of hot flashes and indigestion. Alfalfa detoxifies the body as a natural diuretic, a hormonal balancer, and cholesterol reducer. Cinnamon improves the metabolic base to aid weight loss, and is usedd for fungal infections, diabetes, yeast infection. The list of herbs available today continues.

Baby boomers in retirement may very well visit a holistic doctor or a specialist in homeopathy to discover natural remedies and alternative natural healing options that are ideal for them. According to a recent research by Herbal News Magazine, baby boomers born between 1948 and 1953 evaluated their general health more poorly than their seniors, based on a similar study conducted in 1992. Now, baby boomers are recognizing the numerous perks of holistic health and that herbs offer a budget friendly alternative to many prescription or over-the-counter drugs.

An additional means baby boomers can improve health and lengthen the aging procedure is through natural methods and remedies for healing. There are three additional crucial elements to good health for baby boomers are physical task, healthy consuming, and leisure. Baby boomers in retirement do not have to stand by and see their health go downhill. Anti Aging Holistic Health Techniques really work.

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